The Big Name Hunt User's Guide

The User's Guide is designed for Girlguiding Scotland leaders and their units who are taking part in the Big Name Hunt. It offers useful ideas and practical suggestions to cover projects from start to finish, helping to make sure that every stage of the process is interesting, rewarding and fun!

Section 1: Choosing a Local Woman – or Women!

First steps: Brainstorming. Check out the website. Look for the unusual. Refine your list.

Section 2: Out on the Trail

Gathering information: Using the Big Name Hunt form. Filling in the gaps. Locating the memorial. Taking photographs.

Section 3: Putting Women on the Map

Entering information online: Checking for completeness. Logging on to the website. Involving the group. Entering information. Naming Conventions.

Section 4: Ideas for using the Map

Presenting and promoting your findings.

Good luck with your Big Name Hunt – and thank you for your help!