Section 2: Out on the Trail

Gathering information

Using the Big Name Hunt form

The Big Name Hunt form can be downloaded here. Download and print out as many copies as you need and hand them to everyone taking part in the project. They can clip them to boards and fill them in by hand when going out and visiting a memorial.

The unit may decide to appoint one person as a scribe or fill in the forms individually. The advantage of the second option is that information is less likely to be overlooked or omitted.

Note that the printed form is slightly less detailed that the online forms on the website but the basic structure is the same. If your unit finds any of the boxes on the printed form too small, encourage them to continue on a separate sheet.

Guidelines are given for most of the boxes on the form. Note that not all of the boxes will be relevant and they can be left blank. For example, the designer or creator of the memorial may not be provided or known.

Filling in the gaps

When the unit returns from a visit to a memorial, it is unlikely that they will have managed to assemble all the information needed. Follow-on activity may require computer or library access and the missing facts hunted down. For example, the name of the woman commemorated can be Googled and the results of this search used to fill in her dates and biographical details. Allocate specific tasks to unit members – this will encourage cooperation as well as being more time-efficient.

A list of possible sources of help is available here.

Make sure that the exact source of information is recorded, such as a website address or a reference book. Book references might include the author, publisher, date of publication and page numbers.

Locating the memorial

Google maps are used to fill in details of the location on the online form, but this method cannot be used when filling in the printed form. What is needed is information to help make the online form location entry as accurate as possible.

The address or the Ordnance Survey coordinates will pinpoint the location exactly and these can then be converted into the Latitude and Longitude figures required by Google maps. Use the OS Coordinate Transformer to obtain these figures. A link to this is given on the online form.

Taking photographs

A good photograph is a vital part of the recording process. Many mobile phones are now equipped with excellent cameras and it should be straightforward to take several pictures of the memorial from different angles. Remember to restrict the picture to the memorial itself. Photos can then be saved as .jpg files and transferred by email or on a memory stick to the person responsible for completing the online form.

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