Hannah Charlotte Hay

Other names: 
Married name Hannah Charlotte Tharp
Born c.1792, died 1877

Hannah Hay was the daughter of George Hay, 7th Marquess of Tweeddale, and Lady Hannah Charlotte Maitland. She was one of twelve children. Her father became Lord Lieutenant of Haddintonshire in 1794, and a Scottish representative peer in 1796. Both her parents travelled to the continent in 1802 for reasons of ill-health, and both were captured by Napoleon's police and imprisoned at Verdun. They died there in 1804, and thereafter Hannah was looked after by her aunt Lady Betty Gavin until she married John Tharp in 1815. She returned to the care of her aunt in less than a year due to the insanity of her husband.

Lady Hannah took care of her aunt when she became old and afterwards looked after her aunt's daughter, who later became Lady Mary, Marchioness of Bredalbane. She remained at Langton in Berwickshire after the death of the Marchioness, in 1845, until the start of the construction of the large mansion (Langton House, now demolished) in 1862. She died in Edinburgh at the age of 84, having outlived all her family.

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