Hannah's Brig

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Erected by: 
The Laird of Langton wanted the bridge to be erected
Designed by: 
Not known
Not known
Between Gavinton and Langton Mill Farm following the Verter
Gavinton, TD11
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The laird of Langton thought it would be a good idea to reroute the main road so that the traffic could no longer pass by the gates of his estate. He proposed that the road from Duns should turn south at Pouterlynia and connect with the highway which enters the village from the east. Langton Burn was the main obstacle and a bridge was built to cross it.

The scheme was never completed. The bridge was severely damaged in a storm and the swollen water of the burn carried away the fallen stones including the keystone. The scheme was then abandoned.

Who is Hannah? One of the sisters of Lady Betty Gavin, wife of the Laird, married the 7th Marquis of Tweeddale. The marquis and his wife died suddenly, leaving twelve children. Lady Betty took charge of one of her nieces, Hannah, who later married a Mr Tharpe. She returned to the care of her aunt in less than a year due to the insanity of her husband.

Lady Hannah took care of her aunt when she became old and afterwards looked after her daughter, who later became Lady Mary, Marchioness of Bredalbane. She remained at Langton after the death of the Marchioness, in 1845, until the start of the construction of the large mansion in 1862. She died in Edinburgh in 1877 at the age of 84, having outlived all her family.