Alphabetical list of women

This is a list of the women with memorials currently recorded on the website, sorted alphabetically by surname (or first name, if applicable).

The list is updated regularly, but if you notice a woman who is missing from this list, please let us know.


Ruth Margaret Adler
Nora Lilian Alcock
Queen Anne
Jean Armour
Jane Arthur


Lady Grisell Baillie (1665-1746)
Lady Grisell Baillie (1822-1891)
Lady May Baird
Isabel Barrack
Ethelreda Baxter
Mary Ann Baxter
Princess Beatrice
Jeannie Bodie
Mary Bristow
Elizabeth Brodie
Mary Brooksbank
Agnes Broun
Meredith Jemima Brown
Marjory Bruce
Margaret Bannatyne Bryson
Anna Masterton Buchan
Jessie Buchan
Mary Burton
Josephine Butler


Ella Candlish
Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell
Jessie Campbell
Jean Cameron
Jane Welsh Carlyle
Louise Whitfield Carnegie
Edith Louisa Cavell
Queen Charlotte
Caroline Charteris-Wemyss-Douglas
Eleanor Charteris-Wemyss-Douglas
Charlotte Cheverton
Elizabeth Clephane
Beatrice Clugston
Lila Clunas
Alison Cockburn
Helen Colquhoun
Jessie Louisa Colvin
Betty Corrigall
Elizabeth Crichton
Elizabeth Mary Phoebe Croall
Jackie Crookstone
Mary Crudelius


Margaret Davidson
Marjorie Dence
Dervorgilla of Galloway
Jeanie Donnan
Marion Douglas
Victoria Alexandrina Drummond
Helen Duncan
Elizabeth Dundas
Mary Dunn
Dorothy Dunnett
Jane Durham
Elizabeth Crombie Duthie


Isabella Elder
Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
St Enoch
Mary Erskine
Millicent Fanny St Clair Erskine
Mary Esslemont
Elizabeth Latto Ewen


Christian Elizabeth Farquharson-Kennedy
Margaret Fenwick
Susan Ferrier
Marjory Fleming
Williamina Fleming
Barbara Forbes
Katherine Forbes, Lady Rothiemay
Ethel Forbes-Leith
Anne Frank
Elyza Fraser


Janet Galloway
Mary Garden
Ellen Pearl Lindsay Gardiner and Margaret Donald Gardiner
Jennie Geddes
Marion Gilchrist
Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of Aberdeen
Lady Grange
Allison Greenlees


Jane Haining
Janet Hamilton
Frances Harriett, Duchess of Richmond
Jean Thomson Harris
Margaret Harris
Helen Roberts Harrison
Alice Ivy Hay
Hannah Charlotte Hay
Isabella Henry
Catherine Herbert, The Countess of Dunmore
Mrs Mary S Hill
Catherine Hollingworth
Elizabeth Joan Hood
Janet Horne
Florence Horsbrugh
Alice Horsman
Miss Hudspeth
Margaret Humphrey
Agnes Husband


Dolores Ibárruri
Elsie Inglis


Violet Jacob
Sophia Louisa Jex-Blake


Mariote Ker
Jessie M King
Mary King


Isabella Lappin
Lilias of Ancrum
Louise, the Princess Royal


Flora MacDonald
Mary MacDonald
Judith Mary MacGregor
Johan MacInnes
Elizabeth Mackay
Margaret MacKenzie
Lady Anne Mackintosh
Hannah Maclure
Chrystal MacMillan
Mary MacPherson
Rachael MacRobert
Elizabeth Mantell
St Margaret
Margaret Marnoch
Sheina MacAlister Marshall
Mary, Queen of Scots
Queen Mary II
Jane Maxwell
Sheila Marshall McKechnie
Margaret McLachlan
Jean Milligan
Sister Helen Milne
Minnie the Minx
Susanna Montgomery
Betty Mouat
Lily Murray


Marie Claudine Nardin


Margaret O W Oliphant
Helen S Oman


Fenella Paton
Arabella Phipps


Jane Rae
Kitty Rankine
Katharine Read
Jeannie Robertson
J K Rowling


Victoria Alexandrina Montagu Douglas Scott
Mary Shelley
Helena Mennie Shire
Catherine Sinclair
Marjory Skea
Lilias Gillespie Skene
Mary Slessor
Ann Smith
Christian Catherine Smith
Madeleine Smith
Ruby Spark
Catherine Spence
Susannah Alice Stephen
Flora Stevenson
Christina Stewart
Ysobel Stewart
Georgina Scott Sutherland


Rachel Annand Taylor
Jean Thomson
Phoebe Anna Traquair


Euphaim Veatch, Lady Gifford
Queen Victoria


Marie Walford
Barbara and Mary Walker
Helen Walker
Catherine Watson
Mary McCallum Webster
Sarah Weideman
Annie Wilson
Margaret Wilson
Louisa Augusta Wood
Fanny Wright


Margaret, Lady Yester

Unnamed Women

Anonymous Maidservant
A Forres Witch

Groups or Organisations

100 Scottish Women
Edinburgh Women Citizens Association
Fishwives of Nairn
The Herring Girls
Scottish Women's Hospitals
The Wigtown Martyrs
Women's Land Army Scotland
Women's Suffrage Movement
Women's Timber Corps

Where possible, we've tried to include alternate names in the records - if you can't find the woman you're looking for, try searching the site.