Arabella Phipps

Other names: 
Her married surname was Rose.
c1779- 9 Nov 1806

Arabella Phipps was the daughter of Isaac Phipps, paymaster-general in the West Indies, and his wife Rebecca Dodd. On 16 July 1799 in London she married Hugh Rose, whose father had been parish minister at Tain. Hugh Rose and his brother both became wealthy in the West Indies, Hugh for a time working for Arabella Phipps father.

Hugh Rose bought an estate in Ross-shire close to his childhood home. He built a small village and named it Arabella after his wife. The couple had one child, a daughter Rebecca.

Arabella died suddenly on 9 Nov 1806 "in the act of preparing medicine for a sick and indigent family" Local legend has it that she was murdered by her husband's mistress.

Her husband later remarried and changed his name to Hugh Rose Ross in order to claim an estate which was entailed to his second wife.