Village of Arabella, Ross-shire

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Erected by: 
Hugh Rose
near Tain, Ross-shire.
Arabella, IV19 1QG
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Road sign
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Arabella House and Farm
Soon after his return to Ross-shire in 1796 Hugh Rose purchased the land and buildings now known as Arabella. At the time the land which lay between Glastolloch and the Cromarty firth was low lying and liable to flooding in winter. It contained a 17th century croft house called Drummeddat which was part of the Shandwick Estate.
Over a number of years Hugh extended and developed Drummeddat croft to create a substantial Manor House and farm which he renamed after his wife Arabella.
The development was undertaken in a number of stages and was unlikely to have been completed before the death of Arabella in 1806.
In 1918 the estate was put up for sale by the Trustees and Executers of John Gorgon and Arabella House and Farm was sold to the Board of Agriculture for Scotland in November 1918 to become small holdings for members of the forces returning from the first war.
The community formed by the building 28 small holdings became known as Arabella.
There is also a bridge across a drain near the village called Arabella Bridge.
The monument to Arabella is in the Collegiate Church in Tain.