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Elizabeth Grant

Other names: 
Her maiden name was Duncan
18 Feb 1842 - 11 August 1925

Elizabeth Duncan was born in 1842,in Dufftown, the daughter of John Duncan, cattle dealer, and Margaret Grant, labourer. She worked as a domestic servant prior to her marriage. She married William Grant on 10th February 1860. The couple had nine children - John, William, James, Alexander, George, Charles, Isabella, Margaret, Edward. Her husband was a Major in the Volunteers, and Elizabeth supported the Volunteers by, for example, assisting with fund raising bazaars in 1901 and 1903. She donated books to the Upper Cabrach School Library.
She died in 1925 and is buried in Mortlach cemetery.

Marriage certificate
1860 / 162/ 4
1881 census
Mortlach 4/2/6
1891 census
Mortlach 1/7/22
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