Victoria Alexandrina Montagu Douglas Scott

Lady, Marchioness, Dowager Marchioness
Other names: 
Marchioness of Lothian, Dowager Marchioness of Lothian, Kerr, Talbot
20.11.1844 - 19.06.1938

Lady Victoria Alexandrina Montagu Douglas Scott was born on 20th November 1844 (baptized on 18th December) at Dalkeith Castle, the daughter of Sir Walter Francis Montagu Douglas Scott (5th Duke of Buccleuch, 25.11.1806 - 16.04.1884) and Lady Charlotte Anne Thynne (10.04.1811 - 18.03.1895).

She had 6 siblings who lived to adulthood: William Henry Walter Montagu, Henry John Montagu, Walter Charles Montagu, Margaret Elizabeth Montagu and Mary Charlotte Montagu.

In Harper's Weekly, A Journal of Civilization, dated Saturday 18th April, 1863 Victoria was one of 8 bridesmaids at the wedding of Prince Albert Edward to Princess Alexandra of Denmark (There is an illustration of the bridesmaids, not individually identified).

On 3rd March, 1865 at St Mary's Chapel, Dalkeith, she married Schomberg Henry Kerr the 9th Marquess of Lothian (02.12.1833 - died 17.01.1900).

They had 9 children: Lady Cecil Victoria Constance Kerr (14.02.1866 - 13.09.1919); Walter William Schomberg Kerr, Earl of Ancram (29.03.1867 - 15.06.1892); Lady Margaret Isobel Kerr (12.06.1868 - 02.09.1964); Lord Schomberg Henry Mark Kerr (04.08.1869 - 25.08.1870); Lady Mary Kerr 25.12.1870 - 31.12.1958); Lady Helen Victoria Lilian Kerr (09.12.1872 - 04.06.1968 ; Robert Henry Schomberg Kerr, 10th Marquess of Lothian (22.03.1874 - 16.05.1930); Lady Victoria Alexandria Alberta Kerr (07.11.1876 - 23.05.1956; Lady Isobel Alice Adelaide Kerr (25.09.1881).

Schomberg Henry Kerr was Scottish Secretary between 1887 and 1892 and had special interest in Welfare in the Highlands and Islands, and Education. His family had a background in mining and in 1984 the Lady Victoria Colliery was sunk and the pit named Lady Victoria after his wife. It stopped production in 1981 and is now the home of the Scottish Mining Museum.

On 21st February 1903 Victoria married her second husband, Bertram Chetwynd Talbot (27.04.1865 - 05.05.1936). She died on 19 June 1938 aged 93.

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