Queen Mary II

Lady, Her Highness, Her Majesty
Other names: 
Mary Stuart, Her Highness The Lady Mary, Her Highness The Princess of Orange, Her Majesty The Queen
30 April 1662 – 28 December 1694

Mary Stuart, Queen Mary II of Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland (in Scotland second after Mary Stewart Queen of Scots, and in England, Wales and Ireland second after Mary Tudor Queen of England) was the daughter of King James VII Scotland (who was King James II of England, Wales and Ireland) and his first wife Lady Anne Hyde.

She was born on 30th April, 1662 at St James's Palace, London, England, named after her Great Grandmother, Mary Queen of Scots (Mary Stewart, Queen Mary I of Scotland).

She married her cousin Prince William of Orange who became William III (William II of Scotland), a Dutch Protestant. They deposed her father who was, unlike Mary, Catholic and fled to France.

They were joint monarchs until Mary's death, when William reigned alone. They had no children.

Queen Mary died at Kensington Palace, London on 28th December, 1694 and was buried on 5 March, 1695 at Westminster Abbey.

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