Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother

Other names: 
Lady Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon
Born 4 August 1900, died 30 March 2002

The ninth of ten children of the 14th Earl of Strathmore, Lady Elizabeth spent much of her childhood in Glamis Castle. In 1923, she married Albert (Bertie) Duke of York, younger son of George V, in Westminster Abbey. They had two daughters, HM Queen Elizabeth (born 1926), and Princess Margaret (1930-2002).

When Edward VIII abdicated in 1936, the Duke of York succeeded as George VI, and his wife became Queen Consort and support to him, a role she played successfully until his death in 1951.

Thereafter known as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, she carried out many official duties, for which she was much appreciated, well into old age – she lived to be over 100. Having bought the Castle of May in Caithness, she spent part of each year there, attending Canisbay Church. She is buried in Windsor and there are also memorials to her in England.

The Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women
Based on an entry by Flora Johnston.