Margaret Bannatyne Bryson

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8th June 1858 - 27th May 1880

Margaret was born on 8th June, 1858 at York Road, Trinity in the District of North Leith, Edinburgh. Her parents were James Mackay Bryson (b. 21 Feb 1824, d. 06 Jan 1894)and Mary Dunn (b. 07 Sep 1834, d. 30 Aug 1902) who married in Calton Glasgow on 24th Jun 1857.

Her father had an Optician's business at 60 Princes Street, Edinburgh.

Maggie had 6 brothers and sisters, Jessie Gillespie, David Dunn, Mary Dunn, Robert, James (who died when a baby) and Archibald Gillespie.

Maggie remained single and died on 27th May 1880, aged 21, at 35 Inverleith Row, Edinburgh. She suffered from Pthisis, Tuberculosis of the Lungs, for 4 years before dying of Inflammation of the Lungs following a 10 day illness.

The family had an assocation with Broughton St Mary's Parish Church in Bellevue Crescent, Edinburgh, and there is a stained glass window in memory of Margaret and another one in memory of her parents within the church, both desinged by Nathaniel Bryson.

BRYSON, MARGARET BANNAT (Statutory Births 692/01 0164)
Birth Record
James Mackay Bryson (b. 21 Feb 1824, d. 06 Jan 1894)
Genealogy of James Mckay Bryson
BRYSON, MARGARET BANNAT (Statutory Deaths 685/01 0570)
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