Johan MacInnes

Other names: 
Recorded on the war memorial at Sleat as Joan MacInnes
Born c.1920, died 2nd September 1945

The daughter of Angus MacInnes, a gardener on the Macdonald estate, and Grace McKay of 4 Calligarry (Calligaryy is a crofting township in Sleat on the Isle of Skye). One of 5 children, Johan went down to Glasgow with her sister Katy to work in the war.

She died 2nd September 1945, aged 25, in the military ward of Stobhill Hospital from TB meningitis - Grace (Johan’s mother) was widowed, and it was a heavy blow to her to lose a daughter. It was Johan's brother Angus who went down to Glasgow and who reported the death.

Johan is buried in Kilmore with her brothers.

Johan MacInnes in her ATS unifrom
Past Lives show, broadcast 20th August 2012
Thanks to Louise Yeoman and Mark Stephen of BBC Radio Scotland, and to Skye historian Neil McGillivray, and Johan's neice Grace Shone, for sharing this information about Johan MacInnes.