Christina Stewart


In 1824 Christina Stewart bought an estate of 9,510 acres that she named ‘Glenmorvern’, in Morvern, Argyll. This may have been on the advice of her cousins, the Stewarts of Auch, who had recently bought the Glencripesdale group of farms from Argyll. She owned the estate for only five years (she died aged 52), and is unlikely ever to have lived there. There were five farms in all, and she evicted all the smallholders from two of them, and some from another two (about 135 people in all) in order to let the land for use as two sheep farms.

She was notorious in the parish as the first proprietor to clear whole farms, and the story of one of the evicted tenants (Mary of Unnimore) and her family is a tragic tale, re-told in Morvern: A Highland Parish (by N. MacLeod, Birlinn, 2002). Little is known of Christina, except that she probably lived in Edinburgh at some stage, and never married.

Morvern Transformed: A Highland Parish in the Nineteenth Century
Author: Phillip Gaskell. CUP, paperback 1980