Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell

Other names: 
Lady Charlotte Campbell, Lady Charlotte Bury
born 28 January 1775, died 1 April 1861, aged 86

Charlotte Campbell was born on 28 January 1775 at Argyll House, Oxford Street, London, England. She died, aged 86, on 1 April 1861 at 91 Sloane Street, London.

Her parents were Field Marshal John Campbell, 5th Duke of Argyll and Elizabeth Gunning, 1st Baroness Hamilton.

Charlotte married Colonel John Campbell (eldest son of Walter Campbell of Schawfield, by his first wife Eleanora Kerr) on 14 June 1796. When he died on 15 March 1809, he was Member of Parliament for the Ayr Burghs and they had 9 children.

The year after Lady Charlotte was widowed she was appointed Lady-in-Waiting in the household of the Princess of Wales, afterwards Queen Caroline.

Charlotte remarried on 17 March 1818, the Reverend Edward John Bury (who had been tutor to her elder son Walter Frederick during travels in Italy after leaving Eton) and they had two daughters. In 1814 Bury became rector in Litchfield, Hampshire, and died at Ardenample Castle, Dumbartonshire in 1832, aged 42.

Her works are believed to be:

1. Poems on several Occasions, by a Lady 1797
2. Alla Giornata, or To the Day anonymous, 1826
3. Flirtation anonymous, 1828, which went to three editions
4. Separation by the author of Flirtation, 1830
5. A Marriage in High Life edited by the author of Flirtation, 1828
6. Journal of the Heart edited by the author of Flirtation, 1830
7. The Disinherited and the Ensnared anonymous, 1834
8. Journal of the Heart second series, edited by the author of Flirtation, 1835
9. The Devoted by the author of The Disinherited, 1836
10. Love anonymous, 1837; second edition 1860
11. Memoirs of a Peeress, or the days of Fox by Mrs. C. F. Gore, edited by Lady C. Bury, 1837
12. The Three Great Sanctuaries of Tuscany: Valambrosa, Camaldoli, Lavernas a poem historical and legendary, with engravings from drawings by the Rev. E. Bury, 1833
13. Ellen Glanville by a Lady of Rank, 1838, 2 vols
14. Diary illustrative of the Times of George the Fourth anonymous, 1838, 2 vols
15. The Divorced by Lady C. S. M. Bury, 1837; another edition 1858
16. Family Records, or the Two Sisters by Lady C. S. M. Bury, 1841
17. The Two Baronets a novel of fashionable life, by the late Lady C. S. M. Bury, 1864.

In 1828 her son Walter Frederick Campbell founded Port Charlotte village on the Isle of Islay, naming the village after his mother. It was built to house the people working in the Lochindaal distillary, opened in 1829.

Portrait of Lady Charlotte Campbell, 1799
Soft-ground etching and etching, Lettered below image with arms, production detail: "Painted by J. Hoppner R.A.", "Engraved by C. Wilkin" and publication line: "Published May 1799 by C. Wilkin, No. 19 Eaton Street, Pimlico". Portrait of Lady Charlotte Susan Maria Bury Wikimedia Commons
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