Christian Elizabeth Farquharson-Kennedy

Other names: 
Prior to her marriage she was Christian Elizabeth Farquharson.
27 February 1870- 16 July 1917

Christian Farquharson was born on 27 Feb 1870, at 57 Spital, Old Aberdeen, one of eight children of Alexander Farquharson and Helen Whalley. She trained as a teacher and taught firstly at Woodside School, Aberdeen and then at Kittybrewster School, Aberdeen. In Nov 1896 she attended a meeting at which she supported a resolution, which was unanimously carried, in favour of socialisation of the means of production, distribution and exchange; emancipation of labour from the domination of capital, and economic equality between the sexes.
She was active in a carter's strike in 1897. In September 1900 she attended the International Socialist Congress in Paris, possibly as a delegate.She married Thomas (Tom) Kennedy in Marylebone, London in 1902. Thereafter she used the name Farquharson-Kennedy. She was a member of various political groups, including the British Socialist Party, the Working Women’s Political Association and the Associated Women’s Friendly Society. She was a Director of the Northern Co-operative Company. She became a member of the School Board (served from 1908-1914, at least) and subsequently a member of the Executive of the Scottish School Boards Association. Christian Farquharson-Kennedy died in Aberdeen on 16 July 1917 of tubercular peritonitis.

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Report of funeral
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