Temporary Plaque to Margaret Tait

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Margaret Tait
Edinburgh played a very important role in Margaret Tait's life and work. She was sent to Edinburgh for boarding in the 1940s, obtained a degree in medicing from the University of Edinburgh in 1941, and later established her film studio on Edinburgh's Rose Street. Several of her films feature Edinburgh as a subject. She also wrote at some length in her diaries about her experiences of living in the city. In many ways, Edinburgh served as Tait's muse
16 August, 1976: 'I used to like an 8 a.m. walk through Princes Street gardens - a mistry air of expectancy on a sunny morning, with a few visitors off the early trains looking dazed'.

on the side of a shelter in Princes Street Gardens, near the foot of the steps at the Floral Clock
Princes Street Gardens
Edinburgh, EH2 2AN
Margaret Tait Temporary Plaque Princes Street Gardens Edinburgh
Margaret Tait Temporary Plaque Princes Street Gardens Edinburgh
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There are also temporary plaques at Milne's Bar and Rose Street in Edinburgh, as well as a croft at West Aith on Orkney - with the hope that they will all be made permanent. There will be a memorial in St Magnus Cathedral, the first woman in Poet's Corner there.