Princess Titana Marama

Chieftess of Haapiti
Other names: 
Tetuanuireiaiteruiate, Mrs. John Brander, Mrs. George Darsie
1842-25 September 1898

Titana's father was London born Alexander Salmon (originally Soloman) a Landowner. Her mother was Ariitaimai Teriirere-iotu-raco-ma-Soarai-ariiochan Saaroarii Ariitaimai, adopted half sister of Queen Pomare IV of Tahiti and Titana was in direct line of succession to the throne.

In 1856 when she was age 14 she married Elgin man John Brander, an older man and owner of a Trading House in the South Pacific.

In 1878 she married George Darsie, Manager of the company, and travelled to Scotland with him and some of her many children. Locally he became a Baillie and a Justice of the Peace. They lived at the Darsie family home, Johnston Lodge in Anstruther Easter.

They had a son, a Lieutenant in the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, who died on 31 July 1918 aged 35 after being fatally wounded at the second Battle of the Marne. He was a distant heir to the Tahitian throne.

Titana died in Anstruther aged 55.

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