Mary Slessor

Other names: 
Full name - Mary Mitchell Slessor.
2 Dec 1848-13 Jan 1915.

Mary Slessor was born in Aberdeen, the daughter of Mary Mitchell and Robert Slessor. The family moved to Dundee in 1859, where Slessor became a half-timer at Baxter's mill. (A half-timer was a child who worked half-time and attended school half-time.) At the age of 14 she was working a 12 hour day at the mill. She applied to become a missionary and went to Calabar, Nigeria, in 1876. She travelled into Nigeria, setting up missions. She adopted unwanted children. She spent 39 years working in Nigeria and died there in 1915.

Detail from the Great Tapestry of Scotland
Detail from the Great Tapestry of Scotland
Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women, entry by William Knox.
Wall art in St Nicholas Lane, Aberdeen