Maria Matilda Ogilvie Gordon

Dr, Dame
Other names: 
30th April 1864 - 24th June 1939

Maria (May) Mathilda Ogilvie Gordon
born 30th April 1864, Monymusk, Aberdeenshire
died 24th June 1939, London

- eminent Scottish geologist and palaeontologist best known for her ground breaking research into the tectonic structures and the fossil corals of the Dolomites and the Alps. Geologists today still base their fieldwork on her heritage.
- first woman to receive doctorates from London University (1893) and the University of Munich (1900).
- author of over 30 scientific articles and books, many of them written in German.
- after World War I, active in politics (Liberal Party) and various educational and social committees, promoting equal education and better welfare policies for mothers and children (International Council of Women). First woman to chair a London borough court. Negotiated the representation of women in the League of Nations in the aftermath of the Great War.
- recipient of numerous awards and prizes (Lyell Medal in 1932 by the Geological Society of London, DBE in 1932 by King George V, Honorary LLD from the University of Edinburgh in 1935).

Remembering her time in the field, Dame Maria Ogilvie Gordon said "the work was a joy and I look back on the days expecting discovery at every corner as my happiest time".
Some of her geological and educational publications can be consulted at Aberdeen University's Special Collections