Margaret Neill Fraser

Other names: 
She was known as Madge.
4 June 1880 - 8 March 1915.

Margaret Neill Fraser was one of five children of Patrick Neill Fraser, master letterpress printer, and Margaret Watson. The family lived at Rockville, Murrayfield Road, Edinburgh.

She was a member of Murrayfield Golf Club, and also played for Scotland. She was a semi-finalist in the 1912 British Championship.

Margaret Neill Fraser had some training in nursing and first aid. At the outbreak of the First World War she volunteered with the Scottish Women's Hospital. She went to the SWH run hospital in
Kragujevac, Serbia early in 1915. She contracted typhus and died there on 8 March 1915.

She is buried in Chela Kula Military Cemetery in Niš, northern Serbia.
The Ladies Golf Union collected funds in her memory, which provided 200 additional beds in Serbian hospitals. A friend, Miss Hamilton of Ontario, also donated £500 for the purchase and upkeep of an ambulance in her name.

Birth Certificate
1880 685 / 1 1140
The Gentlewoman 17 April 1915
The Funeral of Miss Neill Fraser
The Common Cause 6 July 1917