Jean Stephen

d 1848

Jean Stephen was born in Inverurie. She was William Thom's second common-law wife. The couple had three daughters, Agnes (b approx 1844) Marion (b approx 1846), both born in London, and Rosanna (Rosie), (b 1847, Kintore). William Thom died in Dundee in February 1848. Provost Thoms noted that "He had left behind him a widow who, from all that he could learn, was a most deserving and excellent person, together with a young and helpless family" and a committee proposed raising funds for them. Queen Victoria donated £10 to the fund, and Charles Dickens also subscribed. In total £330 was raised.

Jean Stephen died a few weeks later.

Her daughters Agnes and Marion were brought up by their uncle George Stephen, and her daughter Rosanna by relatives in Aboyne.

Staffordshire Advertiser 15 July 1848
(Queen Victoria's donation)
Dundee, Perth and Cupar Advertiser 7 March 1848
(Late William Thom's family)
Dundee, Perth and Cupar Advertiser 21 October 1864
(Winding up fund, as all the girls had reached the age of 16.)