Janet Campbell

Other names: 
Her maiden name was Finlay
18 April 1808 - 13 Oct 1840

She was one of six children of Kirkman Finlay, Provost of Glasgow, and subsequently M.P. for Glasgow, and Janet Struthers.

Janet Finlay married John Campbell on 23 Oct 1829. She was concerned that the parish within which they lived was large and bisected by Loch Striven. Those living on the opposite of the loch from the church had to cross by boat, or walk for many miles to attend church. She founded a Sabbath School for young people. In 1837 she began to raise funds to build a new church. The church was opened on 23 August 1840, but Janet Campbell was in poor health in London. She died on 13 Oct 1840. Her husband died in 1864.

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