Jane Fraser

Other names: 
Her maiden name and married name were both Fraser.
10 Oct 1795 -7 July 1817

Jane Fraser was engaged to marry her cousin, whom she loved deeply. When he was killed in a fall from a fruit tree, she went into a decline and spent many hours sitting at a spot by Loch Ness side from which she could see his former home. In an attempt to stop her from pining, her parents arranged her marriage to Captain Thomas Fraser of Balmain. She married him on 20 March 1817, but continued to pine, and died on the 7 July 1817.
Her parents buried her and erected the memorial on the spot on which she used to sit mourning her lost love.

Her death announcement read: At Foyers on the 7th July, Mrs Jane Fraser, wife to Captain Fraser of Balnain, and only child of Simon Fraser, Esq, of Foyers. She has left with her friends, her husband and parents, the bitter memory of extraordinary talents, virtue and affection.

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Death announcement
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