Grizel Cochrane

Other names: 
Her married surname was Ker.
about 1667-21 March 1748

Grizel Cochrane was the daughter of Sir John Cochrane of Ochiltree and Margaret Strickland. Her father was an MP, but was suspected of involvement in the Rye House Plot to assassinate Charles II. He fled to Holland, and returned to Scotland following the death of Charles II. He was involved in an uprising against James II, and was tried for treason in Edinburgh and condemned to death in July 1685.
Grizel was 18 when her father was condemned to death. She visited him in prison. She learned that the warrant for his execution was coming north from London, and would arrive before the family's plea for clemency reached London.

In order to delay the arrival of the warrant, and create time for the plea to be heard, Grizel dressed herself in her brother's clothes, took her father's pistols and horse and set out to intercept the warrant. She held up the mail successfully and burned the warrant on her return home.

Her father's appeal was successful, and a fine was substituted for the death penalty.

Grizel Cochrane married John Ker on 18 Feb 1686. The couple had one daughter, Elizabeth. Grisel died on 21 March 1748.