Elizabeth McAllister

Other names: 
She was known as Betty. Her maiden name was McMahon
15 Jan 1931 - 5 May 2009

Born in 1931, one of five sisters, Betty McMahon served in the Land Army during the Second World War.

She became a community campaigner for the Calton, setting up a children's club, campaigning to make roads safer for children, campaigning for better housing. She opposed the Poll Tax and heckled Margaret Thatcher when she visited Glasgow. She combined campaigning with running her business - a seafood shop in Bain Street.

She became known as "Battling Betty"

She was awarded the B.E.M. in 1980 and was Scotswoman of the Year in 1984.

She was married to Daniel McAllister and had a daughter Danielle.

Betty McAllister died aged 78 in 2009