Corlinda Lee

Other names: 
Kurlinda, Queen of the Gypsies

Corlinda Lee was born into a prominent Epping Gypsy family and was baptised on October 2nd 1831 in Norfolk.

In 1856, Corlinda married a horse trainer, George Smith. Their marriage merged two important Gypsy dynasties and they became King and Queen of their extender families. Corlinda and George had 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls.

Victorians were fascinated by Gypsies and loved all things mysterious. George took advantage of this and travelled with his family all over Britain, holding Gypsy Balls where people could see how they live and have their fortune told for a small fee. It is said that on their travels, Queen Victoria visited them at Dunbar and had her palm read by Corlinda herself.

Corlinda Lee died on 28th March 1900 aged 68 years at 42 New City Road in Glasgow.

Friend of the Glasgow Necropolis - Corlinda Lee