Charlotte Cheverton

Other names: 
Charlotte Mary Rose (Lottie) Ramsden
Born 16 January 1960, died 17 September 1991

Charlotte Cheverton was born in Ripon, Yorkshire, the youngest child of Juliet Ponsonby, and Rt Hon James Ramsden, MP. She was educated in London, then at Marlborough College, where she was inspired to study art by Robin Child. At the Slade School of Art (1978–91) she received a travelling scholarship to study Christian iconography in Cappadocia, an experience which influenced her later work. In 1982, she married Mark Cheverton, artist and teacher, who was appointed Head of Art at Edinburgh Academy. Lottie Cheverton taught at Fettes College and worked with community groups, in 1985 persuading artists from all over Scotland to donate pictures for display in aid of the Third World. Her encouragement and concern for budding artists led in 1988 to the foundation by the Chevertons of the Leith School of Art, the central philosophy of which was, and is, to offer a creative environment for personal growth and intellectual awareness. Lottie Cheverton was elected a member of council of the SSA in 1989. The road accident in which Mark and Lottie Cheverton died in 1991 brought to an untimely end their artistic careers, but the Leith School remains their legacy.

The Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women
Based on an entry by Eunice Smith