Caroline Isabella Agnes Phillips

13 December 1874- 13 January 1956

The daughter of James Phillip and Jane Watt she was born in Kintore where her father was head master and her mother sewing teacher at the Free Church school.

The family moved to Aberdeen when her father became head of the Boys Department of St Paul Street School. However, when an uncle died her father assumed responsibility for his debts, and the stress of trying to pay them off led to a breakdown. After he recovered he became head of Northfield School, Rosemount Aberdeen.

Caroline became a journalist with the Aberdeen Daily Journal and became involved with several local charities. She decided that charitable work was not enough; to make a real impact on society she and other women needed the vote.

She joined the WSPU and became secretary of the Aberdeen branch. Her correspondence with many of the leading suffragettes now forms the Watt archive (named "Watt" as it was donated by a niece, Rosemary Watt).

In 1911 she appears in the census at the home of the Rev Alexander Webster, where she is described as his "adopted daughter" This may have been a failed attempt to hide on census night.

She inherited the Station Hotel, Ballater, from an aunt, and left Aberdeen to run it. Her political work ended at the same time.

She died in 1956 and is buried in Kintore.