Agnes Smith

Other names: 
"Tifty's Annie"
Died January 1673

Agnes Smith, known as Annie, was the daughter of the miller at Tifty, near Fyvie. She fell in love with Andrew Lammie, Lord Fyvie's trumpeter. Her family were determined that she would marry someone of higher status. They locked her up and beat her. She died as a result. Her story is immortalised in the Ballad of Tifty's Annie.

As is common with traditional ballads, there are several versions of the ballad. The "Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women" mentions "Mill o'Tifty's Annie" in the entry on traditional singer Lucy Stewart (pp 340-41). Lucy Stewart's version of the ballad is here:

A small figure of Andrew Lammie is on Fyvie Castle's roof.

Andrew Lammie's figure