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St Margaret's Well, Edinburgh Castle

Dedicated to: 

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Saint Margaret's Well

The fountain of the Ancient Wellhouse Tower
Celebrated in the History of the Castle
since the time
of Saint Margaret, Queen of Scotland
in the Eleventh Century
Restored by the Officers of the
93rd Sutherland Highlanders AD1873

Erected by: 
93rd Sutherland Highlanders
Plaque dates from 1873, well dates from 11th century?
Wellhouse Tower [TBC]
Below Edinburgh Castle
Additional information: 

It's not clear from the notes, and various online resources, where this well is - the location needs to be confirmed. It may be at the Wellhouse Tower, or it may be the well also identified as the 'Fore Well', although I think the latter is more likely: there is conflicting information on Scotland's Places and The Megalithic Portal.

Jean Armour

born 25 February 1765, died 26 March 1834

Born in Mauchline, Ayrshire, Jean Armour was the daughter of Mary Smith, and James Armour, master builder. She said that she met Robert Burns (1759–1796) on the Mauchline bleaching green. Their relationship was kept secret at first, but after Jean became pregnant, the couple formed an irregular marriage. Later, on 5 August 1788, their relationship was regularised by the Mauchline Kirk. Jean Armour gave birth to nine children by Burns – four daughters, all who died before the age of three, and five sons.

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The Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women
Entry on Jean Armour by Maureen Bell.
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Glasgow Women's Library

Statue of Jean Armour

Dedicated to: 

Jean Armour
Wife of Robert Burns
Erected by
Burns Howff Club
September 2004

Erected by: 
Burns Howff Club
September 2004
Opposite St Michael's Church
Brooms Road
Dumfries, DG1
Statue of Jean Armour, Dumfries