Witches Maze at Tullibole Castle


[The finished memorial is a circle 33m (100ft) wide and consists of 2,000 beech trees. At the centre of the maze is a one and a half ton elaborate sandstone pillar, with the names of the victims etched on it.]

Erected by: 
Lord Moncrieff
Designed by: 
Sandstone pillar designed by Gillian Forbes
Planted in 2003-2012
Maze of beech hedges with a sandstone pillar in the middle
Tullibole Castle
Crook of Devon, KY13 0QN
Additional information: 

The maze is 100 feet in diameter, designed "also be a attack on the ignorant and superstitious beliefs of the past as well as those in modern day society".

Extracts from the BBC report on the completion of the memorial: "A memorial to 11 people executed for witchcraft in Kinross has been unveiled at the home of those who condemned them. The Witches Maze at Tullibole Castle commemorates the victims of the Crook of Devon witch trials in 1662. The castle was once home to William Halliday and his son John who held court over the 'covens' in the village.
Lord Moncrieff, who now owns Tullibole, commissioned the maze as there is no memorial in Crook of Devon. In 1662 the court sat five times and resulted in the death of 11 suspected witches. Those who survived the trials were taken to a small mound near the current village hall and strangled by the common hangman and their bodies thrown on a fire. Lord Moncreiff commenced on the maze in 2003 ... Lord Moncreiff said: "I dislike public art that has nothing to say and commissioned Gillian [Forbes]because I believe she understands the sensitivity of the task. It is my hope that the memorial will also question our understanding of the past and issues of blame and judgement in modern day society."


More information about the memorial is available on the Tullibole Castle's Witches Maze website: http://www.tulbol.demon.co.uk/witches_maze.html