Stone with bronze memorial to Jane Welsh Carlyle

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Here now rests Jane Welsh Carlyle, Spouse of Thomas Carlyle, Chelsea, London. She was born at Haddington, 14th July, 1801; only child of the above John Welsh and of Grace Welsh, Caplegil Dumfriesshire, his wife. In her bright existence she had more sorrows than are common; but also a soft invincibility, a clearness of discernment, and a noble loyalty of heart, which are rare. For forty years she was the true and ever loving helpmate of her husband; and by act and word, unweariedly forwarded him, as none else could, in all of worthy that he did or attempted. She died at London, 21st April, 1866; suddenly snatched away from him, and the light of his life as if gone out.

St Mary's Church
Haddington, EH41 4BZ
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Between pillars in the north of the choir, close to the Lauderdale Aisle of St Mary's Church