Mary Barbour Conference Suite

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Text on plaque inside the Mary Barbour Suite:
Mary Barbour
22 February 1875 - 2 April 1958
This conference suite is dedicated to the memory of one of Govan's great
working class heroes Mary Barbour. This remarkable woman challenged
oppression and poverty in both Govan and Glasgow during the First World War
by saying “NO” to unjustified and extortionate rent increases inflicted upon local
people by wealthy landlords. She organised the city wide Rent Strikes of 1915 and
supported by her “Mrs Barbour’s Women’s Army” of demonstrators forced the
Government to introduce the Rent Restriction Act of 1915. A true Red Clydesider
Mary Barbour was the first woman Labour Councillor elected to the Glasgow
Town Council in 1920 and became the first woman Baillie of the City in 1924.
Opened 17th April 2009 by Councillor John Flanagan

Erected by: 
Glasgow City Council
17th April 2009
Pearce Institute
840-860 Govan Road, Govan
Glasgow, G51 3UU
Mary Barbour
Mary Barbour
Mary Barbour