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Annie Campbell Reid

17 Nov 1891 - 4 March 1919

She was the daughter of David and Mary Ann Donaldson. Her father was a billiard room keeper.

Jessie Jane Paterson

Staff nurse
1882 - 29 Sept 1916

Born in 1882, she was the fourth daughter of James and Marion Paterson, of Dalbeattie. Her father was a draper. She attended Dalbeattie Higher Grade Public School. She became a nurse and worked at Darvel, Ayrshire and at Stobhill, Glasgow. She enlisted in the Teritorial Force Nursing service in 1914. She served in Macedonia and died of dysentry at Vertekop.

She is buried in the British Military Cemetery, Kalamaria, Greece.

In addition to the Dalbeattie War Memorial, her name appears on the Memorial to Nurses in St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh.

St Giles Memorial
St Giles Memorial
1891 census
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1901 census
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