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Caroline Martyn

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3/5/1867 - 23/7/1896

Caroline Eliza Derecourt Martyn, also known as Carrie, was born in Lincoln in 1867, the eldest child of devout Anglican parents. After staying with an aunt who held decidedly left wing views, Caroline became a radical, then a socialist, though strong religious principles inherited from her parents caused her to disagree with the Marxist principles of many of her contemporaries. In 1892, Caroline gave up her job as governess at the Royal Orphanage asylum at Wandsworth and devoted herself full time to the socialist cause.

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Isabella Lappin


Isabella Lappin was active in the Co-operative Women's Guild, and then became the first woman to be elected as a socialist Town Councillor for Clydebank. She served from 1920, and was re-elected regularly until the late 1940s. In 1939 she served on the Juvenile Advisory Council. She served on the Stirling District Mental Hospital Joint Committee in the 1940s, and was elected convener in 1942. In 1943 she was appointed a Magistrate.

The Vote - Woman Baillie for Clydebank
7 Dec 1923

Christian Elizabeth Farquharson-Kennedy

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Prior to her marriage she was Christian Elizabeth Farquharson.
27 February 1870- 16 July 1917

Christian Farquharson was born on 27 Feb 1870, at 57 Spital, Old Aberdeen, one of eight children of Alexander Farquharson and Helen Whalley. She trained as a teacher and taught firstly at Woodside School, Aberdeen and then at Kittybrewster School, Aberdeen. In Nov 1896 she attended a meeting at which she supported a resolution, which was unanimously carried, in favour of socialisation of the means of production, distribution and exchange; emancipation of labour from the domination of capital, and economic equality between the sexes.

Aberdeen Daily Journal Tues 17 July 1917, p2
Report of funeral
Aberdeen Daily Journal 20 July 1917.
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