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Margaret Manson Graham

26 April 1860- 14 October 1933

Born Orphir, Orkney, the daughter of Isabella Manson and John Graham, weaver and crofter. She was a pupil-teacher in Orphir and then trained as a nurse in Glasgow. She was part of the Women's Foreign Mission, in Old Calabar, Nigeria, and became the first matron of Duketown Hospital. In 1901, she tended Aro casualties after a military campaign was launched against them. She was awarded the Africa General Service medal, with clasps, and in 1906 was appointed a Serving Sister on the Roll of the Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem.

Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women.
Entry on Margaret Manson Graham by Rhonda Lowe, page 142-43.

Elizabeth Mantell


Elizabeth Mantell was born in Africa in 1941. The family moved to MacDuff in 1952. She became a missionary nurse at the Mulanje Mission Hospital in Malawi, where she developed high quality nursing and midwifery between 1966 and 1971. She returned to Scotland but went back to Malawi where she was a nursing sister and nurse-tutor at Ekwendeni. Ill-health forced her to return to MacDuff in 1996 where she died two years later.

Grace Sufficient
Biography by Rev David Randall
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