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Mary Beaton

Other names: 
Her married surname was Ogilvy

Born in 1543, Mary was the third child of Robert Beaton, 4th Laird of Criech and Joanna Renwall. Her mother was one of Marie de Guise's ladies-in-waiting.

In 1548, at the age of five, Mary Beaton was chosen by Marie de Guise to accompany her daughter Mary, Queen of Scots, to France. She, along with three other girls who also accompanied the Queen, became known as the "Four Marys."

Mary Beaton married Alexander Ogilvy of Boyne in April 1566, and had one son, James, born in 1568.

She died in 1598 at the age of 55.


Philadelphia Carey

Baroness Scrope of Bolton, Mascham and Upsall
Other names: 
Mrs. Thomas Scrope
circa 1552 - 3rd February1627

Philadelphia Carey was born around 1552. Her parents were Sir Henry Carey (1525/6- 1596), first Baron of Hunsdon, and Anne Morgan. Her father was a cousin of Queen Elizabeth I of England and he served as Warden of the Eastern Marches on the Scottish border; Chamberlain of the Household, twice Member of Parliament for Buckingham. She had 10 surviving brothers and sisters. Thomas, Catherine, George, Henry, Michael, John, Edmund, Robert, Mary (Margaret) and William.

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