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Jane Whyte

Other names: 
Her maiden surname was Thain
1844- 3 August 1918

Jane Thain was born in King Edward, Aberdeenshire, around 1844. She was the daughter of William Thain, shoemaker and Margaret Findlater.

She married James Whyte, a farm servant, in 1866 and they had a large family of five sons and four daughters. Her eighth child, son Robert, was 15 months old when she single handedly saved the crew of the "William Hope."

Tales of Bravery from Aberdour, John A Meldrum
Leopard magazine, October 2015, pp26-28.
Death certificate
210/A2 0009
1881 census
Aberdour; ED: 4; Page: 5; Line: 13; Roll: cssct1881_55
1891 census
Aberdour; ED: 4; Page: 2; Line: 2; Roll: CSSCT1891_57
1871 census
Tyrie; ED: 2; Page: 3; Line: 6; Roll: CSSCT1871_44
The Woman who saved 15 sailors from drowning.

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Grizel Cochrane

Other names: 
Her married surname was Ker.
about 1667-21 March 1748

Grizel Cochrane was the daughter of Sir John Cochrane of Ochiltree and Margaret Strickland. Her father was an MP, but was suspected of involvement in the Rye House Plot to assassinate Charles II. He fled to Holland, and returned to Scotland following the death of Charles II. He was involved in an uprising against James II, and was tried for treason in Edinburgh and condemned to death in July 1685.

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