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Annette Elizabeth Josephine Harmar

Other names: 
Her maiden name was Puller
1841 - 28 January 1914

Annette Puller was the daughter of John Puller, auctioneer and Anne Hawke. She was born in Hackney and baptised there on 5 October 1841. . She married Ambrose Harmar, distiller. The couple adopted a son, Henry. She was widowed prior to 1891.

In 1910, she provided funds to build St James Roman Catholic church in St Andrews. She was a relative of Father Herbert Laughton, the parish priest.

She died on 28 January 1914, at her home, Canmore, St Andrews. She left Canmore to the church; it is now the Roman Catholic chaplaincy of St Andrews University.

Death Certificate
1914 453/00 0009
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