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Tessa Ransford

Other names: 
Mrs Kay Stiven, Mrs Callum Macdonald
8 July 1938- 2 September 2015

Tessa was born in Mumbai, India, daughter of Sir Alister and Lady Torfrida Ransford. Her father was Master of the Mint in there.

Tessa Ransford at the Scottish Poetry Library
Tessa Ransford at the Scottish Poetry Library

Maggie Keswick Jencks

Other names: 
Margaret Keswick, Mrs Charles Alexander Jencks
10th October 1941 - 8th July 1995

Margaret, who was known as Maggie, was born at Cowhill Tower near Dumfries on 10th October 1941, only child of Sir John Henry Keswick and Clare Mary Alice Elwes (married 17.01.1940 at Westminster Cathedral). She was brought up in Scotland and the Far East where her father was part of the Scottish business empire, Jardine, Matheson & Company. Maggie read English at Oxford, after attending school in Woldingham, Surrey.

Maggie was...

Maggie Keswick
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Ethel Moorhead

Born 1869, died1955

Ethel Moorhead’s father was an army surgeon, and the family lived in India, Mauritius and South Africa before settling in Dundee. Three brothers and her sister, Alice, all became doctors. Moorhead trained as an artist in Paris at Whistler’s studio, returning to Dundee keep house for her ageing parents. Her own studio, shared with a Miss Oliphant, was in the King Street Arcade, Dundee (now demolished). She exhibited her paintings widely, including in Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Dublin.

The Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women
Entry by Mary Henderson
Dundee Women's Trail
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