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Beatrice Rae

died 1999

In 1989/90 Beatrice Rae led the campaign to preserve Lenzie Moss from building development. Thereafter she set up a new Friends of Lenzie Moss,and was their Secretary/ Treasurer and driving force until her death in 1999. Her aim of having Lenzie Moss protected as a Local Nature Reserve was finally acheived in 2009.

Friends of Lenzie Moss Winter 2012 newsletter
News item about the dedication of Bea's Path in Lenzie Moss

Jane Durham

Other names: 
full name Mary Jane Stow Durham
born 26 May 1924, died 1 April 1997

Born into a farming family in Easter Ross, Ross and Cromarty, Jane Durham is best known as a conservationist. She left Easter Ross in 1947 when she married Phil Durham, a Lieutenant Commander in the navy, but returned there in 1957 when her husband contracted polio, and raised three sons. She took part in local campaigns to conserve the heritage and environment of the area, and became extremely knowledgeable about its history, particularly its early Christian history.

The Independent
Obituary of Jane Durham by Anne Ritches, 11 April 1997
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