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Jessie Campbell

LLD (Honorary)
Other names: 
Nee Janet Black, Mrs James Campbell
26th March, 1827 - 10th Feb 1907

Daughter of Merchant James Black and Eliza Taylor, Janet (Jessie) was born at Cross-Arthurlie, Neilston, Renfrewshire on 26th March, 1827.

On 21st April, 1846 Jessie married the Laird of Tullichewan, James Campbell (1823-1901). In 1817 his father William and Uncle James had founded J & W Campbell & Company, a warehousing, wholesale and retail drapery company, based at Ingram Street in Glasgow. His cousins were James Campbell-Bannerman, British Prime Minister, and James Alexander Campbell, Politician and Provost in Glasgow.

Jessie Campbell of Tullichewan
Glasgow University biography
Janet Black, James Campell, Jessie Campbell respectively
Birth, Marriage and Death Record: BLACK, JANET (O.P.R. Births 572/00 0040 0142 NEILSTON) CAMPBELL, JAMES (O.P.R. Marriages 622/00 0190 0035 BARONY) CAMPBELL, JESSIE (Statutory Deaths 493/00 0031)

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Janet Black
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Mary Crudelius

Other names: 
Maiden name: M'Lean
Born 23 February 1839, died 24 July 1877

Mary Crudelius was the daughter of Mary Alexander and William M’Lean from Dumfriesshire, merchant. She was born in Bury, Lancashire, and educated partly at Miss Turnbull’s boarding school in Edinburgh. In 1861, she married Rudolph Crudelius, a German wool merchant who was working in Leith, and they had two daughters, Maud and Mary.

The Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women
Based on an entry by Lindy Moore
The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
Based on an entry by Sheila Hamilton
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