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Catherine Roxburgh Carswell

Other names: 
Her maiden name was Macfarlane and her first married name was Jackson.
27 March 1879- 18 February 1946

Catherine R. Macfarlane was born in Glasgow, one of four children of George Macfarlane, merchant, and Mary Anne Lewis. She was educated at the Park School, Glasgow, the Frankfurt Conservatorium and Glasgow University.
In 1904 she married Herbert Jackson. Their daughter Diana was born in 1905. However, Jackson's mental health deteriorated to the point that he was permanently hospitalised and the marriage was annulled.
During this time she worked for The Glasgow Herald as a reviewer.

Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women
Entry by Carol Anderson pp 68-69
A History of the Old "Fitpaths" and Streets of Dunfermline Then and Now by Sheila Pitcairn
page 86

Mary Gray Garden

Other names: 
Her maiden name was Hogg
21 August 1831 - 13 June 1911

Mary Gray Hogg or Garden was the youngest daughter of writer and poet James Hogg "the Ettrick Shepherd" and Margaret Phillips. She married William Garden in 1866. She preserved many of her father's literary possessions, including original manuscripts and correspondence. She wrote a biography of her father, the third edition of which was published in 1893. She also wrote a biography of her mother, Margaret Phillips.

Aberdeen Free Press 1911.

Margaret O W Oliphant

Other names: 
Margaret Oliphant Wilson Oliphant; Mrs Oliphant; Mrs Francis Wilson Oliphant; maiden name Margaret Oliphant Wilson
4th April 1828 - 25th June, 1897
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