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Mary Fairfax Somerville

Other names: 
Her maiden name was Fairfax.
26 Dec 1780- 29 Nov 1872

Mary Fairfax was born in Jedburgh in 1780 and grew up in Fife.

In 1804 she married her distant cousin, Captain Samuel Greig, and moved to London. They had two children. She was widowed in 1807 and returned to Scotland, where she studied mathematics.

In 1812 she remarried. Her second husband Dr William Somerville admired and encouraged her academic work.

Mary Somerville published her first paper, "The magnetic properties of the violet rays of the solar spectrum", in the Proceedings of the Royal Society in 1826.


Mary Teresa Bruck

Other names: 
Her maiden name was Conway. She was also known as Maire.
29 May 1925 - 11 Dec 2008

Maire conway was born in Ireland and studied physics at the University of Dublin. She gained her PhD at the University of Edinburgh. She returned to Dublin to work at the Dunsink Observatory.

She married the director of the observatory, Hermann Bruck, in 1951. Bruck was a widower wuith two children, and the couple had a further three children.

In 1957 the family moved to Edinburgh, where Mary lectured at the University and carried out research into stars, the interstellar medium and the Magellanic Clouds. She also researched and wrote books and articles on women in astronomy.


Williamina Fleming

Other names: 
Her masiden name was Stevens.

Fleming was born in Dundee. Her father died when she was young. She married James Orr Fleming and emigrated to America with him. The couple separated and Williamina found herself alone in America with a baby son. She became housekeeper to Edward Pickering, Director of Harvard College Observatory, and then became a member of the Observatory staff. She was the first woman to hold a formal appointment at Harvard.

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