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Maggie Osborne


Maggie Osborne was alleged to have practised witchcraft in Ayr in the C17th. She was alleged to have carried out a vendetta against one family, whose house was engulfed by snow, suffocating everyone inside.

She was burned at the Malt Cross.

Maggie Wall

81 Women and Men Tortured and Executed for Allegedly Being Witches

Marion Lillie

Other names: 
the Ringwoody Witch

Unknown (Alleged) Witches

Lizzie Brice

Other names: 
Her maiden name was Elizabeth (Lizzie) Baxter. Her surname was also spelled Bryce.
1776- 22 April 1865

Lizzie Brice was an elderly woman who, in her dotage, shouted at children and gained the reputation of being a witch.

Grissell Jaffray

Died 1669

Grissell Jaffray, the wife of James Butchart, a burgess in Dundee, was strangled, then burned as a witch in 1669. She was the last person burned for witchcraft in Dundee.


Over Three Hundred Women, Alleged to be Witches

In the 16th Century more torture and killing of women, alleged to be witches, were carried out at Castlehill than anywhere else in Scotland. They were burned, hanged or drowned, often after being tested in ways which were designed to kill them whatever the outcome.. In Edinburgh they were often nearly drowned by being douked (submerged) in the Nor' Loch (an artificial loch, now filled in, the location of Princes Street Gardens) before being killed.

Alleged witches of St Andrews

In the 16th and 17th centuries, women who were suspected of being witches were thrown into Witch Lake, a tidal pool on the coast at St Andrews. If they drowned they were innocent. If they floated it was evidence of their involvement in witchcraft and they would be dragged out of the water and taken to be burnt at the stake on nearby Witch Hill.

Kate McNiven

d. 1715 or 1563

There are various stories about Kate McNiven which take in more or less, or variations, of what comes below. This is the best description and analysis of Kate McNiven which I have found, reflecting the local folklore of Strathean.

Chronicles of Strathearn; New Statistical Account
Chronicles of Strathearn (CRIEFF: DAVID PHILIPS,1896); New Statistical Account, Monzie parish, pps 269-70.
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