Incomplete Women records

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27 February 1870- 16 July 1917

Christian Farquharson was born on 27 Feb 1870, at 57 Spital, Old Aberdeen, one of eight children of Alexander Farquharson and Helen Whalley. She trained as a teacher and taught firstly at Woodside School, Aberdeen and then at Kittybrewster School, Aberdeen. In Nov 1896 she attended a meeting at which she supported a resolution, which was unanimously carried, in favour of socialisation of the means of production, distribution and exchange; emancipation of labour from the domination of capital, and economic equality between the sexes.

14 April 1857- 26 Oct 1944

Princess Beatrice was the youngest child of Queen Victoria, and her mother's life-long companion. She married Prince Henry of Battenburg in 1885. They had four children. Princess Beatrice was widowed in 1895. She acted as her mother's secretary until Victoria's death in 1901, and thereafter edited her mother's journals. She died in 1944.

28 Nov 1918 - 14 May 2014.

Georgina Scott Sutherland was the widow of Thomas Scott Sutherland, architect. She was a generous benefactor to the Robert Gordon University.

The illustrations come from an exhibition in the Georgina Scott Sutherland library held in August 2015.

Died 1603

Kitty Rankine, also known as Kate Frankie, was burned as a witch at Creag nam Ban in 1603.

The great great grandmother of Peter Buchan, Peterhead writer and poet.


Daughter of Rev. Dr. Thomas Mackay. First woman elder of Dornoch Cathedral. She had a keen interest in archaeology. She died on the 900 anniversary of St Margaret's death.

Died 1805.

Mary Bristow was born in Norfolk. She first met Elyza Fraser in Bristol on 18th June 1781. The two women subsequently celebrated the anniversary of their first meeting. Both women travelled in Europe, both separately and together.

Mary was interested in gardening and kept a notebook of visits to great gardens. She also played the keyboard, and dueted with Elyza Fraser, who played the violin.

approx 1818 -Died 30 March 1885.

Elizabeth Duthie of Ruthrieston was a member of a wealthy ship-building family. She intended Duthie Park to commemorate the whole Duthie family. There is a portrait of her in Aberdeen Art Gallery, painted in 1885.


Isabella Elder was left a wealthy widow after the death of her husband, marine engineer and shipbuilder, John Elder. She ran his business for a short time after his death, and then devoted herself to philanthropic projects, including endowing a chair of naval architecture at Glasgow University, providing property for Queen Margaret College, establishing a School of Domestic Economy in Govan, providing Elder Park and financing Elder Cottage Hospital and Elder Free Library.

Died 1814, aged 80

Elyza Fraser was the owner of Castle Fraser, and improved the estate during the late 18th century.

Andrew Wight, in his report on "The Present State of Husbandry in Scotland 1783" stated "this Lady is a miracle for farming. Her genius must be uncommon, to excel so eminently in a vocation that nature deems to have confined to the male sex."