What we're looking for

Memorials to women can take many forms, from public statues in city parks to small cairns by country roads. We want to find and record as many of these memorials as possible, to build a picture of the contributions that Scottish women have made to the country's history and culture.

List of memorial types

The memorial records are each classed as one of the following types:

'Other' memorials range from landmarks like Creag Nam Ban ('the Hill of the Women') to a room named for a woman (like the Sheina Marshall Room in the Marine Biological Station in Millport) - the only criteria is that it must be possible to locate it on a map. We're not currently looking for more abstract memorials like songs and stories, but we may have the capacity to do this in the future - for the moment, these can be noted in the women's biographies.

There are a few exceptions - we're not looking to record every street named for Queen Victoria: instead, we want to collect the stories behind names that may be less familiar. The list of women already recorded should give you an idea of the range of women we're interested in: we want to build as wide a picture of Scotland's women as possible.

However, we don't intend to be a comprehensive record of all the cemeteries in Scotland - we are including gravestones and tombs, but only when it's possible to research the stories of those women.